Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu was born in Chicago, Illinois June 15, 1953. He was raised in a two-parent home. His father was born in Texas and gave him high expectations. His mother was born in Ohio and loved him unconditionally. Kunjufu has one sister who is an officer with a Chicago Utility company.

Dr. Kunjufu was an honor roll elementary student at Burnside and was promoted from sixth to eighth grade. He never missed a day of school. He attended Harlan H.S. and was a track star. He graduated in 1970 and attended Illinois State University majoring in Economics and Business Administration. His speaking career literally began when he joined the debate team, where he won numerous awards.

Dr. Kunjufu always wanted to attend a Black college and in 1973 during his junior year he enrolled in the exchange program and attended Morgan State University. He immersed himself in Africentricity, legally changed his name, became a vegetarian, and resided in a juvenile delinquent center where he mentored Black boys. He returned to Illinois State in 1974 and graduated. He founded Unity, a Black cultural organization.

He taught in an Africentric school from 1974-1980. Kunjufu then founded African American Images, Inc. He enrolled in Union Graduate School and earned his doctorate in 1984. He has written approximately 30 books, spoken at most universities, and has been blessed to preach in hundreds of pulpits.

Kunjufu is happily married to his best friend and business partner, has two adult sons and a wonderful grandson. He is an avid tennis player and has yet to miss a day of work. He is a born again Christian and a faithful member of Living Word Christian Center. He mentors boys in the Community of Men organization he started many years ago.


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